EST. 2007

Creative project design company without the boundaries.

We founded Cosmic StatioN inspired by International Space Station which consists of Multinational agencies. We serve the clients with the different way and strangers’ view as an innovative and creative project design company in which crew members conduct the project activities in Product Development, Marketing, Branding, Sales, Business Design, Idea Lab, and other fields.

Project design is an early phase of the project where a project’s key features, structure, criteria for success, and major deliverables are all planned out. The point is to develop one or more designs which can be used to achieve the desired project goals.


We’ve been making the invisible visible and bright with the creative ways and tangible project ideas that people never crafted. It works well with our prestigious craftsmanship, remarkable partners care and passion for creative project design from branding & Marketing project to Product Development & Sales channel design to connecting clients with the entrepreneurial opportunity with no boundaries for years.


We design project idea for the successful case in advance and share it with just a potential client before giving us the request. 


We’ve often faced the collision in the diversity not only to create the innovative ways and mixed creativity inspired people around the globe but also to conduct the experiment to check up the cultural diversity to avoid the future damage in clients’ expandable project.

Holistic Supervision

Throughout managing and watching out the full process from idea to market, We keep the simple goal not to lose the path to the successful business.

Four Pillars of Project Design

We designed creative projects with the four pillars design process to unleash the benefits of greater work agility and collaboration by connecting with powerful partners to plan, work, manage, build, and report on work. Cosmic StatioN always empowers partners to execute with speed and accountability — and make better decisions, faster.

We discover the client’s the invisible opportunities

We research the potential and new project opportunity which clients didn’t recognize. We found the needs and opportunities of the clients in the global networks while developing the idea and information to support the clients’ successful business.

We make the idea beyond the boundaries

During the second stage of the four pillars, We start to look for alternative ways of viewing the problem and We end up with a human-centered problem statement and the solution through thinking outside the box to identify new solutions to the problem statement you’ve created.

We connect the partners with the powerful project management

After the clients accept the idea, We build the team with qualified partners and We use our unique collaborative project management method to plan, coordinate, control, and monitor distributed and complex projects. It enables Cosmic StatioN and the partners to collaborate with no boundaries.

We deliver the successful case with the next expandable plan

Successful delivery doesn’t mean complete the project. Our successful case covers our evangelistic activity, holistic care to discover the new opportunity, support market expansion and connect new partners around the globe.

Case Studies

Our portfolio is diverse, reflecting the complex landscape. With each project, we focus on experience design to tackle the needs and the future benefits of each entrepreneur.

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