Big Capsule

Project Information

BigCapsule wants to dissolve communication and cultural barriers commonly experienced by unsettled immigrants in the United States through creative business English education training, personal empowerment, and job creation with global startups and established foreign companies. Through this process, it is our hope to inspire, unleash, and support the untapped potential of immigrants as we help them overcome linguistic obstacles and cultural barriers, while respecting their past professional experience and individual dignity. BigCapsule believes strongly in the value of immigrants as well as contributions they make both nationally and internationally, even when others may not see it immediately, or at all.


  1. BigCapsule provides additional translation and design services to make business details, materials and/or products more culturally and linguistically appropriate.
  2. BigCapsule provides market research for clients related to their business as well as multi-national test audiences to review their product.
  3. BigCapsule provides a specialized service for international businesses who are establishing a presence and looking to adapt culturally in the United States with a focus on:
    a. geographic location
    b. regional culture & history
    c. regional accent/dialect
    d. local services/opportunities for transferring staff
    f. language training/instruction for transferring staff and family
  4. BigCapsule builds websites, crowdfunding opportunities, and marketing materials and networking events for new businesses and entrepreneurs.
  5. BigCapsule provides multi-cultural and cultural sensitivity training and coaching.
  6. BigCapsule provides business education opportunities in English on a variety of subjects including business presentations and public speaking, networking, and much more.

Project Status

Design of BigCapsule is completed on September 2018. MVP is ongoing, and education Capsules are being structured, also technical spec of Capsule specific WRC tool is being investigated. Please keep an eye on for upcoming status updates.

Architecture of Conference Tool

BigCapsule as a platform, the online education system is the most important part of technology. The main part of online education system is WRC(Web Real Time Communication) which involves video conferencing tool.

Workflow Of Learner

People who needs skills and want to learn it from BigCapsule….

Workflow Of Educator

Certified industrial professionals are core resource in BigCapsule….

Come back later for more updates!