Just Shooting Service

Just Shooting Service

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Why We present this service

We’ve often witnessed the clients asked the clips and footages for another purpose, for instance, the social media marketing, I.R, presentation background after the delivery of the production. Even The clients wanted to revise a couple of footages in the delivered video and photo product. because of their minor improvement of the product. It doesn’t need whole production. All these issues made Cosmic StatioN brainstorm how we can solve this problem. We started from the certain point why the clients want to shoot the video and photography in exotic region. and We’ve analyzed how we can reduce the production cost and gives clients’ needs and privilege maximized to use their all production and footages.


Do you know exactly what you want for your video? contents? Photos?

How about shooting your product in New York City with New Yorkers or Paris, London and Copenhagen? Scene Creation is simply the process of creating a scene that is completely tailored to you for your marketing use. We will shoot your product or brand with our award-winning directors, cinematographers, and photographers.


The product, Fashion, Technology, Food, Lifestyle, Luxury


Without pre-production and editing, we will just give you raw footage of multiple shots. You just let us know what kind of image you want to get. Our film-like scene can use for your commercial or promotional video.


After our consultation, we will give you an all-inclusive quote.


  • Creating the scene in New York City, Paris, and Copenhagen
  • Creating diverse shots in a scene (Medium, Wide, Close up, Moving )
  • Free Consultation
  • Making Cinematic Images
  • Tailored to your purpose
  • Crew and Talent Scouting

What you get

  • Unlimited Editing Materials
  • Create what you want in any place
  • Reduce production budget
  • Additional Social Media Buzz
Case 01
Full video testimonial content

The length: around 60 mins

Participants: 7 people

Where it used
– Wadiz Campaign Video | 2017
– 15-sec Social media ad | 2017
– 30-sec Viral content | 2018
– Kickstarter Campaign Video | 2018
– I.R and Presentation

the feature
– main production: 2017
– additional 2 days shooting: 2018

Scene generation + Shooting + Delivery

We provide videography & photography for the fashion, Lifestyle and Design industry, specifically related to digital content and concept generation. We work with professionals around the globe

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