Big C. Makes Borderless Entrepreneurs

Big C. connects them with qualified partners

Big C creates future jobs with borderless Entrepreneurs.


Big C. has the holistic cultivation system to make the borderless entrepreneurs through Practical consulting and Coaching programs as well as the training program to be the one without the border. and It makes creative, borderless quality connection to qualified on-demand agencies and qualified market finder around the globe.

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Ideally, We set the borderless the first door for the big change. It enable us to cross the border of nations, ages, gender and inequality. However, in the early stage, We’ve just used the term as to cultivate borderless entrepreneurs. We believe that how many changes an entrepreneur can bring to this planet.

Our story

Before setting up Big C., we ran a meet the table in Seoul and New York over 4 years, helping many entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. Those few years were our apprenticeship in startups – learning from others mistakes, as well as our own. We worked with various tools and techniques but felt that too many of these, and the startup world in general, focused solely on the mechanics of starting a business.

To make it casual, Big C. was coined at the tiny cafe around Brooklyn, New York. While We’re just talking about What If there is the innovative organization to handle just all about C letter started terms and projects.

We collected Big Creativity, Big Connection, Big Community, Big Commerce for the first time. And This terms is growing up with the different speed. Besides, the different “C”-letters also are getting ready to make the first leaf. But We think It’s clock doesn’t work yet.

In this story, C. is the seeds of all projects that Entrepreneurs and our partners have worked together.

Big Connection

Big Coaching

Big Consult

Big Commerce.

Big Community.

Big Care

Big Capital

What We offer


BigCatalysts are offering the training courses from intensive to annual holistic care to give practical skills and know-how through talented people. International Entrepreneurs be able to get not only skill up but also confidence not to lost in any situation.


BigC. assumes fundamental responsibility for the socioeconomic, cultural and overall health of the communities it serves. It provides the special opportunities to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startup companies for the entrepreneurs’ social responsibility


It’s Cross-border Market explorer program. While developing commercial market activities with content-driven sales strategy included connecting to the e-commerce partners, such as drop ship based e-commerce partners and enterprise distributors around the globe.


A digital Implement agency network that specializes in combining in developing products, creating application and promoting content that emphasizes.  Our core competencies include product and web development, digital marketing strategy, branding, content creation, and video production. No matter the size of your business, we will work alongside you to reach your brand objectives around the globe.

How it Works


Check up Entrepreneurial Readiness Level

Review Aspiring Entrepreneur’s idea and Team Status and Drawing Big Picture together. Until product launches to the market officially, Everything would be on Idea stage.

Borderless Entrepreneur Care | Pivotal design | Draw 3 years roadmap


Connected and Untying the knots

Entrepreneurs have often faced the huge rock to overcome in their pathway. whenever they need right help, such as the more efficient way with a right technology, the right outsourcing network, the creative business design included connect to commerce partners around the globe.


Big C. build the perspective ways to make Borderless Entrepreneurs' Awareness.

Crowdfunding Campaign | Business Idea Competition | Collaboration with the Non-profitable organization

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There are specialists in breaking into the market beyond the border.

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Big C. Path to be an Entrepreneur without the border