Case Study 2014Meet the table

MTTT™ believes that ordinary people contain the deepest mysteries and the great story to move our world. However, they do not realize that their power and hidden potentiality is greater than their thoughts. So, Meet The Table™ try to find them and make it bright.

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Case Study 2015Opencreators

OpenCreators, developers of the 3D printer based on RepRap, an open-source hardware project. and It has overall managed the 3D printing technology community of about 40,000 members in the Globe And core members of Opencreators who lead the product planning and development.

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Case Study 2016Enomad

Enomad has developed a portable water power generator.

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Case Study 2017BloomEngine

BloomEngine is smart flower pot to make the bloom with smartphone application from the seed in the special soil to the flower.

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Big Capsule

The first aid for entrepreneurs who have faced the rocks and need the other’s help, such as the more efficient way with a right technology, human network, and qualified partners. We’ve provided the innovative and creative solution with Big C. partners.

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OPNR box

Sales Reps & Labs

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Creative Silver

Timeless Contents for borderless entrepreneurs to break into global Market

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