EST. 2016

Big C. makes the borderless entrepreneurs

It’s a kind of abbreviation of BIG Cultivation which makes a borderless entrepreneur and their community through a couple of hybrid programs simultaneously, fulfilling broad educational functions, specific design functions and developing commercial market activities.

The 4th Core factors for the borderless Entrepreneur | Challenge /Communication / Commerce / Community

361° Spiral BigC. Path

We’re developing the BigC. path to become a borderless entrepreneur with 361° Spiral method.  Even though the starting point and the end goal is similar, Their status and situation are totally different and Their business needs the different solution according to the milestone and stage.

The Entrepreneurs without idea | Working prototype | Need Pivotal Idea
Company Building | Team Building | Break into Market
Build Inhouse sales structure |  Expand borderless Market |  C-level Officers
Build New Product Lineup | Doing Social responsibility
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Become Borderless Entrepreneur
Business Design / Campaign / Product & Service / Contents / Commerce Design

Latest Work of Borderless Entrepreneurs with Big C.

There are Innovative and creative business designers and technology leaders in Big C. and the networks. They have crafted intuitive and lasting borderless business model and given the consulting and coaching combined experiences for hundreds of associations, non-profits, government, and enterprise.

Want to see borderless Entrepreneurs’ another works?

Our Programs

Holistic and 361° spiral care for borderless Entrepreneur with the whole process.

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Cultural Collision Check Up Service with the Big Catalyst around the globe.

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Big C.’s Partners support creative people to build their gallery website. We’re expecting that our contribution would make the hidden creativity and artwork visible and bright.

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