Who needs the project idea

For budding entrepreneurs

If you’re looking to get clear on your startup idea we can offer Idea through a one day workshop or a 5-day design sprint where we get the time to help you find the Stella.

For companies & Organizations

Want to inject more entrepreneurial thinking & new business idea into your company or energize your team? We can offer inspiration days and idea accelerators that open up new business opportunities that help you reach your goals with our ideas. Get in touch and we’ll explore what’s best for you and your budget.

The four steps of how the process works

The exclusive idea

We make the exclusive project idea for the potential client whom Cosmic StatioN found.

Limited audience

If the client doesn’t accept the idea, We send it to the limited audience in the similar field.

Open to the public

We open the idea to the public through the Social network and website if the client doesn’t appear to get the idea,

Innovation education

All Project idea will be used for the innovation and design thinking method.  education.

Want to see more amazing ideas?

Idea Keywords

Redefine Emergency since Smartphone invention | Cruise tinder | Entrepreneurial Demoday


Potential Clients – New Business Seeker | Cruise Companies | Accelerator | Entrepreneurial Education Company

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C.E.S 2019 America to Asia Table| Speaker Matching | After Networking Event


Potential Clients – Governmental Agencies | Individiual Attendants | Accelerator | Event Companies

BlockChain Service Design| WhitePaper Review and Revisement | BlockChain Education Program

Potential Clients – Governmental Agencies | Universities | Media

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Global Art Exhibition | Innovative Branding Idea


Potential Clients – Contents related companies | Art gallery | Political foundation

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V.R Contents Project| Crowdfunding Project

Potential Clients – Government agency | V.R Company| Marketing Agency

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Global Entrepreneurial Camp | Co-working Space transform project


Potential Clients – Co-working Space Service company | Global Accelerator Program | Non-Profitable Organization

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We prepared a couple of ideas about coffee. If you catch the idea, You may be able to do new business or to sell it to the brewery companies like Nestle, Coca-Cola.

If you want to do it in your domestic market. not international market. First of all, You should provide the local market statistics and information.

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Uber & Jobs

Potential Clients – Uber | Lyft | Shared Car Service

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