App/Web Development

We are a web & app development company that turns your ideas into a new driving force of your business. powered by theappsolutions

320+We created Apps & Web
Graphic Design

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780+We created Graphic
Concept Design

Cosmic Station designs project to discover the needs and the opportunities that client doesn't recognize with project supervise through the holistic care program

+10 YearsWe designed client's projects
Social Marketing

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120+We completed Marketing
Education Course

THE INNOVATION THAT EDUCATION DESERVES Identify and act on missed opportunities for innovative excellence in your company, in your classroom, or on your campus.

475+We created courseware
Contents Creation

We produced Commercial Film, Crowdfunding Campaign Video, Web Movie and VR Style Interactive Video

+180M ViewsYoutube

We have crafted intuitive and lasting online and mobile experiences for hundreds of associations and non-profits.


BigCapsule, Open Immigrants Education & Training Service

Cardboard 3d printer KIT Project | Concept design | Video Production | MakerFaire Exhibition | Media Feature

Cosmic StatioN organized Meet The Table for 3 years. It’s an intensive around three hours of dinner and discussion in a space for company, individuals, and Non-profitable organization to predict their vision and to make innovative business model through cutting-edge technology and design thinking.

Step into the 3D Printer in your life Event In New York. We designed the concept of project based on most of the people who didn’t see the 3d printer in person. So, This Event contributed people grabbed the clue how 3d printing technology comes to the ordinary life in the near future.

Estream | Portable Water Power Generator to design Future human behavior

Romantic Movement, Seoul 17 EPISODES ON YOUTUBE


Streaming Seoul Campaign to transform Google map to MultiMedia map with crowdsourcing method. CosmicStatioN contributed Seoul Citizen to generate 100,000 pics and video clips during one day Event.

Hi 5 TG Marketing Campaign

Through the audition, the Commercial production team was elected and They made the video production with the function of new computers.

YES Free Economic Zone TV Commercial Film production. Cosmic StatioN connected the organization to the bestseller writer, Dan Roam and He contributed the script writing and did the voice over actor.

Smart Flower Pot, BloomEgine 2017

2015 America to Asia Table Conference

Bloom & Talk Event to make video testimonial with multicultural participants from around 10 countries.

LG S Class UI Global Marketing has been planned to make the end users experience Full touch screen before the product launch into the global market.

CNN TV Commercial Film to brand new direct investment strategy into Seoul. Cosmic StatioN designed a project to invite German-based economist and the author of bestseller book, Hidden Champion to be a model of this film. the commercial film aired on CNN over 150 times.

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